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Vega Light-Pull

Vega Light-Pull

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A Vega Light-Pull transforms the light switch into a feature of your bathroom or shower-room, combining an elegant, high quality fitting with a unique self-powered light source. By continuously glowing in the dark, the Vega makes it safe and easy to find your way. Made in solid, clear crystal, Vega is attractive in daytime and eye-catching in darkness. Enhancing safety in your home..

A Vega Light-Pull is simply a combination of elegance and practicality, aimed at enhancing safety in the home. An attractive crystal enclosure is equipped with a trigalight® gaseous tritium light source, making it visible in darkness. A high quality stainless steel top-piece enables a cord or chain to be installed easily and quickly.

Each Vega can be fitted with one of a choice of nine colours... green, yellow, orange, red, UV-blue, white, purple, pink or ice-blue. Trigalight colour is selected during the purchase process and the unit is then assembled to order.

There is also a choice of styling of the top-piece... you may choose a "bell", "cone" or "dome" shape for your Vega. Each is a solid, polished assembly comprising a base and a cap. Removing the cap enables the cord to be released / attached and is a very quick and easy process. A connecting chain (with anchors) is included with each Vega.

Encloser: Solid, Clear Crystal

Fixing Cap: Stainless Steel (Polished)

Sphere Diameter: 35.0mm

Overall Height (Including Cap): 50.0mm

Weight: 90g

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