Trigalight Technology

Trigalights offer a secure, dependable, and economical solution for providing constant light over an extended service life. Regardless of environmental factors like weather, temperature, altitude, or humidity, Trigalights function reliably, serving as versatile visual guides to help users locate equipment, paths, and positions in low-light conditions. With nine color options available, these markers can be designated for various functions.

Manufactured in Bern, Switzerland by MB Microtec AG, Trigalights are Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS). 

The key advantages of Trigalights include:

  • Exceptional reliability, especially in harsh environments.
  • Flexibility due to not requiring batteries, power supplies, or charging.
  • Enhanced efficiency as Trigalight luminance does not disturb the user's night vision.
  • User-friendly design without switches or moving parts.
  • Very low ownership costs with no maintenance or spare parts needed.
  • Nine visible color options for easy function differentiation.

Unlike photoluminescent and chemiluminescent devices, Trigalights emit radioluminescent light, eliminating the need for charging or switching. They continue to emit light for years, even during extended periods of complete darkness. Since they don't rely on electrical power, there's no need to monitor and replace batteries, and maintenance is unnecessary.

Comprising three components—gaseous tritium, phosphor, and borosilicate glass—Trigalights harness the energy from beta-particle emissions resulting from tritium decay to produce light. Tritium gas is confined within a sealed glass vessel, coated internally with fine phosphor powder. Electrons emitted by the tritium interact with and energize the phosphor, resulting in continuous light emission. This light passes through the glass vessel walls for practical illumination. By chemically doping the phosphor, the light's wavelength can be controlled, providing nine visible color options: green, yellow, orange, red, blue, white, ice-blue, purple, and pink.