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Tinted Nite Glowring

Tinted Nite Glowring

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This self-illuminating, personal safety device has been specifically designed for marking equipment and personal assets that may need to be located and used in the event of an emergency during darkness.

Nite GlowRings are designed with simplicity and versatility in mind. As compact, lightweight and straightforward as possible, they will simply do the job and give years of safe, dependable, practical service. Four colour finish options are available.


• Visible from up to 30 metres

• Water resistant to 30 metres

• Service life of 10 years or more

• No batteries or charging needed

• Four colour finish options

• Durable polycarbonate enclosure

• Attached by easy, compact split-ring


Typical applications include:

• Marking essential equipment

• Marking household or car key rings

• Marking guy ropes and tent entrances

• Safe route and obstacle marking

• Many more in all outdoor activities



Nite GlowRing safety markers incorporate a trigalight® Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) which provides a reliable, safe and self-powered source of continuous light output. No battery or charging by ambient light is required during the lifetime of the product. GTLS comprise a sealed borosilicate glass capsule containing a minute amount of gaseous tritium, the power supply for the device. Low energy beta-particles (ie. electrons) released within the capsule are harnessed to energise a phosphor coating on the inner surface of the capsule, causing it to glow. GlowRings contain no moving parts and, because the unit is continuously energised, an off/on switch is not required. They will remain energised for more than 10 maintenance-free years, even during extended periods of complete darkness. Trigalight® devices can be used in any environmental conditions, even under water, and in temperatures ranging from -20° to 70°C. They are suitable for operation in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

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