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Firefly Super Kit Marker

Firefly Super Kit Marker

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Firefly Super Kit Markers enable users to identify assets or locations in the dark without resorting to electric torch or 'cyalume' chemical lights. Visible from distances of up to 35mtr in darkness with the naked eye, nine visible colour options are available so that identities and functions can be differentiated by colour. Super Kit Markers utilise a corrosion-resistant wire screw-clip to provide flexible, quick and easy fixing to portable and fixed equipment. Each Super Kit Marker incorporates a 3x2.5mm trigalight® housed within a tough, clear polycarbonate enclosure. Simple, reliable and very effective, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced in darkness.

Super Kit Markers incorporate a trigalight® Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) which provides a reliable, safe and self-powered source of continuous light output. No battery or charging by ambient light is required during the lifetime of the product. GTLS comprise a sealed borosilicate glass capsule which contains a tiny amount of gaseous tritium, the power supply for the device. Beta-particle radiation (ie. electrons, released by the gaseous tritium as it decays) is harnessed to energise a phosphor coating on the inside surface of the capsule, causing it to glow. As a sealed source, they are non-emissive and of very low energy levels, so there is no external radiation risk.

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