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Firefly Navigator Prismatic Compass

Firefly Navigator Prismatic Compass

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Utilising the Plastimo IRIS 50 hand-bearing compass sealed cell, this self-illuminating prismatic compass is a highly effective tool for night, day and dusk navigation. Available with a mils and degrees calibration options, geographic zoning and external casing styles, each compass can be customized to develop the optimum solution. Illumination is provided by trigalights®, fixed securely within the unit to illuminate the graduations on both horizontal and prismatic planes. This is an excellent piece of equipment, tried and trusted for years, suitable for primary or back-up navigation duty.

Each compass incorporates micro-trigalight® lamps to provide sufficient illumination for immediate reading clarity in all light conditions.

  • Illuminated by reliable, maintenance-free trigalight® GTLS
  • No batteries, switches or spares required
  • Options for mils and degrees calibration
  • Calibration options for geographic zones A, B and C
  • Efficient, non-slip ergonomic styling
  • Optimised field of view – no parallax errors
  • Soft bottom cell prevents leaks and bubbles
  • Tough lightweight construction
  • Neck cord for easy deployment

In addition to standard olive green and desert sand military casings, colour options for yellow, royal blue and turquoise are also available.


Water Resistance: up to 10 metres

Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C

Diameter: 83mm

Height: 33mm

Weight: 96g

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