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Firefly Mini / Micro Safety Marker

Firefly Mini / Micro Safety Marker

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1 pack contains 3 clear markers containing a Green Trigalight Lamp

The Firefly Mini Marker is a compact and versatile self-powered, self-luminous marker for fixed applications. It provides the user with a cost-effective, quick, easy and reliable means of locating and identifying a switch or asset in the dark. The Mini Marker generates a safe, secure and continuous illumination that is unaffected by climate and that does not require batteries or recharging by ambient light during its service life of 10+ years. It is ideal for identification of key positions where mains or battery power is not appropriate or too costly.

Each Firefly Mini Marker is supplied with its two components in loose form ... a top-piece (which contains the trigalight®) and the base. The user can choose whether to utilise the top-piece only as the marker ... this is the “Micro Marker” and is the smallest possible trigalight® marker available. Or, if a larger platform is required for installation, the top-piece can be bonded to the base, forming the “Mini Marker”. The base contains two fixing screw-holes for easy installation.

Firefly Mini Markers are supplied in blister packs, each pack containing three units of a single colour. Like all Firefly devices, they are designed with simplicity and versatility in mind. As compact, lightweight and straightforward as possible, they will simply do the job and give years of safe, dependable, practical service.


Micro-Marker and Base:-

Dimensions: 25 x 8 x 6mm

Weight: 1.0gm

Micro-Marker only:-

Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 4mm

Weight: 0.3gm

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