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Firefly Emergi-Marker

Firefly Emergi-Marker

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The Firefly Emergi-Marker "5in1" Survival Tool is a must for every hiker, angler, camper, Boy Scout, soldier and survivalist. It's compact and light-weight and easy to carry and deploy anywhere you need it. The Emergi-Marker "5in1" incorporates five key survival features in a single, integrated aluminium enclosure. Simple, reliable and effective, operational efficiency and safely are enchanced during darkness.

Going one further than the typical "4 in 1" survival tool, the Firefly Emergi-Marker also incorporates a trigalight® self-luminous light source. This continuously energised, self-powered light source makes the tool easy to find in the dark as well as enabling use as a route or location marker. Simple, reliable and effective, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced during darkness. A truly versatile tool that could save your life in an emergency.

Five useful functions in a single tool:-

  1. a highly efficient spark generator for fire starting
  2. a sharp, high-pitched emergency whistle
  3. a compact, serrated back-up knife (also used for sparking)
  4. a tungsten steel impact head for glass-breaking or self-defence
  5. a self-luminous 'trigalight' GTLS light source... 9 colour options

The Emergi-Marker is housed in a light-weight, matt black, aluminium enclosure. The whistle and fire starter elements are screw fixing (each join complete with rubber grommet to prevent water ingress) which, when released, yields three main components as shown below. A corrosion-resistant spring clip enables flexible, quick and easy fixing to a pocket, belt or support.

Length: 150.0mm

Diameter: 12.0mm

Weight: 40.0g

Maximum Activity: 1.0 GBq

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