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Firefly Champion Spark Markers

Firefly Champion Spark Markers

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The Firefly Champion Spark Marker encapsulates a highly efficient ferrocerium flint rod together with an integral, effective striker blade. Housed within a tough, weatherproof aluminium enclosure, a trigalight® light source is also embedded, providing the user with dual-use capability. This unit is the champion of fire lighting / safety marker products. A simple effective tool for those operating in isolated and adverse conditions.

The Firefly Champion Spark Marker plugs a gap in the survival tools market by offering fire lighting and self-luminous marking capabilities in a single, integrated unit. Dual use is achieved by combining the very best spark-generating materials with a trigalight® Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS). The only self-contained fire lighting tool which combines highly efficient sparking with magnesium-assisted ignition and GTLS marking all within a compact, weatherproof container. By striking the ferrocerium (flint) rod with the steel blade, an intense shower of sparks is generated efficiently. A magnesium bar is also included... by adding magnesium flakes to the tinder nest, reliable ignition can be achieved quickly and easily. The container has further space to store a small amount of lint (not included). Replacement ferrocerium rods and magnesium bars are available to extend operational life.

A self-luminous GTLS light source, securely embedded within the unit enables the Champion Spark Marker to be used in low-light and dark conditions as a marker for quick identification of location of assets. Simple, reliable and effective, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced during darkness.



Enclosure: Aluminium

GTLS Window: Clear Polycarbonate

Length: 86.0mm

Diameter: 12.0mm

Weight: 15.0g

Attachment Hole Diameter: 7.0mm

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