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Firefly ArcMarker Mk2

Firefly ArcMarker Mk2

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Available as a pair in packing, or single loose.

Firefly Mk 2 ArcMarkers enable an arc-of-fire to be marked clearly and quickly in daylight, dusk and in darkness. Utilising a low-output trigalight® installed in a shrouded slot to maintain security, the Mk2 ArcMarker also includes a yellow panel to give visibility in day and dusk conditions. Offering great flexibility, applications include trench marking, safe-lane or hazard marking and they can even be used as a model or map-pointer.

Construction of the Mk2 ArcMarker enclosure provides enhanced strength and durability. Also new is a substantial hook, moulded into the top of the unit for enhanced utility. The Mk2 ArcMarker incorporates a green, low output trigalight® (3x15mm) for increased viewing distance in darkness. Should shielding of the lamp be required, the lamp slot can be partially taped over until the preferred output is achieved.

These units are supplied in blister-packaged pairs. Firefly Mk2 ArcMarkers are available in black and desert sand enclosure colour options.

  • Continuously illuminated over 10 years
  • No batteries or charging required
  • Reliable in all climatic conditions
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Black and Desert Sand enclosure colour options
  • Hook and hole included for enhanced utility
  • Yellow panel enables daylight and dusk use
  • ‘Cold’ light preserves users’ night vision
  • Cost-effective: no spares or maintenance


Micro-Marker and Base:-

Dimensions: 25 x 8 x 6mm

Weight: 1.0gm

Micro-Marker only:-

Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 4mm

Weight: 0.3gm

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