Corporate Branding

A Nite GlowRing with corporate branding is the ideal gift for your customers. It's one of those unique and useful products that customers will always keep and appreciate … and why they will be constantly reminded of your business every single day. Corporate artwork may be printed on both GlowRings and MiniGlow Markers.


Corporate brands and logos can be added to GlowRings in two ways.

Pad-printing of one or two colours can be added to the external surfaces … there are four free sides each with 5x30mm available space for artwork. Logos can be printed onto two adjacent sides. Blanket printing can be used to produce a ‘back-lit’ effect.

Alternatively, a white tag can be fitted to the ring upon which the artwork is printed. The tag measures 34x22mm and can be printed on both sides.


One or two colour printing can be applied to the external surface of any of the MiniGlow Markers. Their diameter is 9mm with a printable width of 5mm.


Printing can be applied to as few as 25 units although there are great savings as print quantities increase. For single colour printing orders, there is a minimum nett order charge of £50.00 plus a nett set-up fee of £30.00. However, for two-colour orders of 1,000, the cost reduces to £0.35 per unit plus the set-up fee of £30.00 … making a total print cost of just £350.00. These rates are for printing only and exclude the cost of markers.

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